Balcony Collapse Injury Lawyer

Throughout South Carolina, balconies remain a pleasing amenity for homes, apartments and businesses. While they provide a fun way to host guests and social events, there are risks associated with balconies, as well as decks and porches. In fact, the Consumer Product Safety Commission reports an increase in the number of deck, porch and balcony collapses by 15 percent since 2003. As one can imagine, these types of premise injuries are far-reaching, with both financial and health-related damages. Common causes of balcony or deck collapse include:

  • Excessive Weight or Too Many People
  • Rotten or Decayed Wood
  • Rusty or Loose Nails
  • Damaged Support Beams
  • Damaged Railings

While older businesses and homes in historic sections of South Carolina might appear to be more susceptible to balcony collapse, there are other factors that come into play such as structural defects or contractor error or negligence. Given that the injuries sustained in such an event can be catastrophic and property damage can be severe, it is wise to contact a balcony collapse injury lawyer for trusted legal insight relating to your claim.

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We Protect The Rights Of Victims Injured Following A Balcony Collapse

If you are injured in a balcony collapse, your situation may appear to be an open and shut case. The truth is—these cases are complex. If contractors are involved, for instance, they are quick to put up a fight to avoid having to pay damages.

If you’ve sustained serious or debilitating injuries, you might be facing extensive medical treatments and ongoing care, which creates a tremendous financial burden. Don’t become a victim a second time. Contact the Taylor Anderson Law Firm today to ensure that your rights are protected following a balcony collapse.