Elevators/Escalators Injury Lawyer

Providing convenient access to multiple levels of office buildings, hospitals, malls, airports, apartment complexes, condominiums and more, many individuals avoid the stairs and hop onto an elevator or escalator. Yet, they are surprised to learn that thousands of premise injuries are reported each year in relation to these carriers. What’s more is that a small percentage of elevator and escalator accidents lead to death.

The following are believed to be the main causes of elevator accidents:

  • Malfunctioning of the pulley system (causing the elevator to plummet)
  • Faulty wiring
  • Inconsistent maintenance or inspection
  • Misalignment between the elevator and the floor
  • Design error

While injuries sustained in any of the above-mentioned scenarios might prove fatal, the majority of elevator-related fatalities involve workers and maintenance contractors that are issuing a repair or installation.

Though there are fewer escalators than elevators, they pose a great risk to children and elderly individuals. Accidents involving escalators typically result from a small portion of clothing or a shoe becoming trapped in the small spaces of each moving section. In other cases, victims have fallen on the steps or over the side of the handrail.

Elevator- and escalator-related injury claims are complex, as it’s not always clear who is to blame. This is why it’s best to seek the experienced and trusted legal counsel of the Taylor Anderson Law Firm if you’ve been injured in an elevator or on an escalator. Attorney Taylor Anderson has the knowledge and resources needed to determine if another party was negligent, or if your injury was sustained through a mechanical defect or design flaw. In either case, Taylor will become your advocate for justice and fair compensation in your case.

If you are in Charleston, West Ashley or James Island, and you’ve suffered an elevator- or escalator-related injury, call the Taylor Anderson Law Firm for a free evaluation of your injury and claim.

We Preserve The Rights Of Those Injured On An Elevator Or Escalator

Investigations into cases of elevator and escalator accidents have uncovered surprising accounts of broken bones suffered while exiting an elevator and amputation of fingers and toes in a moving escalator. Tragically, other cases have reported the crushing of a maintenance worker when an elevator plummeted to the ground. In one of these cases, an inspection was recently performed. A closer examination revealed that an unauthorized person completed it.

If an elevator or escalator injury is due to the negligence or wrongdoing of a manufacturer, inspector, property manager or company, the Taylor Anderson Law Firm will guide victims in establishing an appropriate claim to compensate them for their losses. For clarity regarding your case and trusted legal insight, contact Attorney Taylor Anderson to schedule a free evaluation of your case.