Nursing Home Unexplained Injuries Lawyer

Nursing home staff and medical aides sometimes fall short of the required standard of care. Therefore, when families discover that their loved one has sustained injuries while under the care of a trusted caregiver, nurse or administration, they are devastated, and rightfully so. Consider the following types of injuries, some of which might be considered intentional abuse or inadequate care:

  • Physical: Cuts, lacerations, bruises or fractures that are unexplained and not reported to family members.
  • Sexual: Unwanted sexual contact, including rape
  • Exploitation: Stolen cash and other property, including changes to one’s personal will and unpaid bills

While nursing home residents can sustain injuries through an accident or fall, it is the duty of the staff to report the incident and any injuries to family members. Additionally, the nursing home is responsible for providing care to the resident to help them heal. When injuries go unreported and attempts are not made to provide appropriate care, families may wonder if this is a sign of a bigger issue.

The Taylor Anderson Law Firm is well positioned to help families navigate the complexities associated with nursing home abuse, neglect and elder care law. If your loved one has sustained injuries in a nursing home or assisted living community and the circumstances appear suspicious, Taylor is here to investigate your claim.

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When family members make the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, it is bittersweet at best. Thus, in the event that their family member develops unexplained injuries, illnesses or infection, families may wonder if they made the right decision. What’s more devastating, however, is when families discover that their loved one has been threatened, bullied, or altogether neglected.

Perhaps you’ve noticed that someone you love has unexplained bruises, cuts or lacerations. Maybe some of the cuts appear infected or untreated. Suppose you also notice that he/she appears frail and dirty. It’s important to speak up to the nursing home administration if you suspect that a loved one has been the victim of any type of abuse or neglect. It is the responsibility of the coordinator to provide answers to family members concerning this loved one. Even so, if your concerns continue, it is important to seek legal guidance from an experienced nursing home unexplained injuries attorney.

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