Unsecured Parking Lot Injury Lawyer

The nature of premises liability law in South Carolina calls for businesses and organizations to provide safe, secure properties for visitors and guests. This extends to parking lots. As one can imagine, an unsecured parking lot is a welcome place for criminal activity, and this puts individuals at risk for serious injury or even death.

Have you become the victim of an assault, kidnapping, robbery or rape in an unsecured parking lot in Charleston, West Ashley or James Island? It’s critical for you to contact an unsecured parking lot injury lawyer to discuss issues relating to negligent security. The bottom line is property owners and managers must be held legally accountable for what happens on their premises.

TThe Taylor Anderson Law Firm is dedicated to representing clients throughout the Charleston area and beyond. Taylor understands that when individuals are victimized in a parking lot, they often experience ongoing fear, pain and emotional distress.

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Strong Representation For Victims Of An Unsecured Parking Lot Attack Or Injury

Following an attack and personal violation of one’s safety in an unsecured parking lot, victims might suffer from physical pain, as well as anxiety and even shame. Perhaps the most frustrating aspect of such an attack is that it might have been prevented if adequate measures were taken to secure the property.

Taylor Anderson understands that unsecured parking lots attract criminals. When steps are not taken to safeguard employees, visitors and guests, such as adequate lighting, video surveillance and security measures, business and property owners are putting others at risk for injury. When victims reach out to Taylor for assistance following a parking lot attack, he incorporates the tools and resources necessary to investigate their claim. Without question, clients benefit from Taylor’s attention to their case and his commitment to pursuing justice and fair compensation.

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