Nursing Home Medication Error Injury Lawyer

For nursing home residents and those in assisted living facilities, medication is an integral part of their care. Because many patients are not able to self-administer medication, they are at the mercy of caretakers and nursing home staff. Unfortunately, there are cases where elderly patients are given the wrong medicine or incorrect dosage. In other instances, they might be administered their medication inconsistently. Without question, these medication errors can lead to a number of nursing home injuries and even death.

There are several causes of medication errors, from overworked or fatigued staff member to lack of communication, resources or poor training.

If you suspect that your family member or loved one is the victim of a medication error, it’s important to speak up quickly. The Taylor Anderson Law Firm is here to help with medication error cases throughout Charleston and surrounding areas. For a free evaluation of your claim, call today.

Contact A Nursing Home Medication Error Attorney

Caring for nursing home residents requires careful attention and observation of a patient’s health, complaints and symptoms. All too often, there is a breakdown in dispensing medication, confusion regarding the medication’s labeling, or lack of interaction among staff that leads to the mismanagement of a patient’s prescriptions.

For instance, suppose a nursing home resident goes to the hospital to be treated for an illness or infection. When they return to the facility, they have newly prescribed medication that must be documented and given at a specific time, so as not to counteract the effects of other medications. If an error is made regarding the combination of medications or a change in the patient’s regimen, it can have dire consequences. Following a medication mistake, patients can experience a number of symptoms including dehydration, delirium, incontinence, behavioral changes, illness, falls, broken bones or death.

If a medication error has caused harm to your family member, it is imperative to contact a nursing home medication error injury attorney to evaluate your claim and provide insight as you process what to do next. At the Taylor Anderson Law Firm, we stand behind nursing home residents and others that have been the victim of a medication mistake. As always, your evaluation is free of charge.