Gun Injury Lawyer

Given the number of gun-related shootings and attacks, the purchase of guns, as well as gun ownership, continues to be a subject of great debate and tension throughout the United States. On the other hand, the number of injuries and death from accidental or negligent use of a gun or firearm continues to increase. South Carolina is no exception.

When it comes to the use of guns and gun-related injuries or death, the question becomes—was the injury or death caused by someone else’s carelessness or wrongdoing? Did the gun malfunction? If victims are fortunate enough to survive a gun injury, they’re likely to need extensive medical care or surgery, and perhaps some form of ongoing care if they suffer a disability or impairment. In addition, if injuries are severe or life altering, the individual may not be able to return to work or provide for their family.

The Taylor Anderson Law Firm helps those injured by malfunctioning or negligently discharged firearms in Charleston, West Ashley, James Island, Johns Island, Mount Pleasant, and throughout South Carolina and Georgia. Yet, if their injury is due to negligence or a defect in the gun, they may be entitled to pursue compensation for their pain, suffering and other damages. For a free product liability case review of your accident and gun injury, contact the Taylor Anderson Law Firm today.

Call The Taylor Anderson Law Firm If You Have Been Injured By A Firearm Malfunction Or Negligent Discharge

When a person is injured or killed due to a firearm malfunction or negligent discharge, a thorough investigation is needed. Compensation may be available if the injury or death is the result of negligent design, manufacture or operation.

Determining liability for gun-related injuries is complex at best, and may involve several areas of law. For example, when victims sustain a gun injury at a place of business, and it’s determined that the property owner failed to maintain a safe and secure premises, the victim might seek compensation through a premises liability claim. Thus, depending on where the gun-related injury occurs and why, injured individuals can recover losses from a manufacturer, homeowner’s insurance or a third-party source.

At the Taylor Anderson Law Firm, we understand that the circumstances of your gun-related injury will impact the manner in which we structure and establish your case. That’s why we provide a thorough investigation into your incident so that we can pursue the maximum amount of compensation.

If you are in Charleston, West Ashley or James Island, and you or a loved one has suffered a gunshot wound, contact The Taylor Anderson Law Firm for a free, confidential evaluation.