Jones Act Claim Injury Lawyers

While the Jones Act was established nearly a century ago, the 1920’s legislation continues to be interpreted differently, leaving some maritime workers unsure of their coverage under the law. Thus, to better understand the basis of the Jones Act, any time a maritime worker is injured through employer negligence, their case may be taken to court, and their employer may be considered responsible. Specifically, the Jones Act protects individuals that work on or with vessels “in navigation.” This includes every single job related to the vessel from captain to sailor, cleaning staff and members of the crew. Yet, even if the vessel is docked at the time of the injury, workers remain protected under the Jones Act.

While providing protection for seamen injured on the job, the Jones Act also provides the opportunity for maritime workers to sue their employers for negligence. Thus, crew members may receive added compensation (economic and non-economic) by proving negligence.

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