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By law, manufacturers are required to provide safe products to consumers. Thus, if a particular product is deemed unsafe or hazardous, it is the duty of the manufacturers to alert the public. Even so, faulty household products, dangerous toys, defective automotive parts and other unsafe equipment or tools result in thousands of injuries each year. Per South Carolina law, any defective product is recognized as a product liability. If you or someone you love has been injured as a result of product liability, contact The Taylor Anderson Law Firm, trusted product liability law firm located in Charleston. Our experienced Charleston Product Liability Injury Lawyer Taylor Anderson looks forward to discussing your product liability claim.

To better classify the types of product liability claims, consider the following:

  • Manufacturing Defects – a manufacturing defect occurs during the process of making or assembling a product and results in a change in the usefulness and safety of the product.
  • Design Defects or Flaws – a design defect or flaw is an error that occurs at the beginning of a product’s making or existence, and it affects an entire line of products.
  • Inadequate Warning – in cases when the manufacturer is aware of a potentially harmful product, they are required to provide this information to consumers through placing a label or shock warning sign. These are often seen in electrical devices and products.

As one can imagine, the consequences of a manufacturing or design defect, as well as an inadequate warning label can be severe. Thus, if you or a loved one has become seriously injured or if you’ve been put in a scary predicament due to a faulty product, it is wise to consult an experienced product liability lawyer.

The Taylor Anderson Law Firm continues to serve Charleston, West Ashley and James Island with excellence in legal matters pertaining to product liability. Taylor, Charleston product liability injury lawyer, realizes that when manufacturers fail to provide safe products, consumers pay the price. That’s why he works tirelessly to help victims seek justice and the compensation they deserve to cover medical bills and other losses.

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Experienced Representation For Your Product Liability Claim In Charleston

While most manufacturing companies realize the importance of providing safe and reliable products to consumers, there are instances in which negligence occurs, leading to a product defect, design flaw or a harmful device or substance. As a result, the product might cause injury to hundreds of unassuming customers. If you or a loved one has been injured due to a faulty product, it is important to contact an experienced product liability lawyer.

For experienced representation for your product liability claim in Charleston and surrounding areas, The Taylor Anderson Law Firm offers trusted and skillful legal insight into the following types of product liability cases:

For trusted and qualified legal counsel for your personal injury and product liability claim, as well as insight into a possible lawsuit, contact the Taylor Anderson Law Firm. Charleston Product Liability Injury Lawyer Taylor Anderson looks forward to discussing your case with you.