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While “dram shops” were long ago bars and liquor stores that sold small quantities of whiskey or liquor, the servings given to patrons became an issue when driving became popular. Questions began to surface regarding the liability of dram shops when drunk drivers caused car accidents that resulted in injuries. Given the recklessness of drunk driving accidents today, injuries sustained are often severe or catastrophic. Unfortunately, in many cases, drunk drivers rarely have adequate insurance to cover damages and injuries sustained by victims.

While South Carolina does not have a specific statute related to dram shop claims, state courts make it possible for injured victims to pursue damages and recovery from alcohol-related accidents by way of the state’s statutes regarding the sale of alcohol. This combined with the state’s negligence laws has made it possible to hold restaurants, bars and others entities accountable for injuries sustained by the driver of a motor vehicle or boat.

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Perhaps a convenience store sells a minor a case of beer. With an alcohol level exceeding the legal limit, the young driver wrecks his vehicle a short time later, killing one person and injuring another. In another instance, suppose a bar serves an obviously drunk patron alcohol, only to learn that the person later causes an accident with serious injuries. With no specific dram shop statutes in place, South Carolina courts attempt to provide protection to individuals that have sustained injuries caused by a drunk driver.

Even so, there are complexities when it comes to filing dram shop claims, as well as proving negligence and dealing with insurance coverage. That’s why it is wise to contact an experienced dram shop attorney if you’ve been the victim of a drunk driving accident in Charleston, Myrtle Beach or surrounding areas.

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