Hotel Attacks/Rape Injury Lawyer

South Carolina continues to be a premium vacation destination, with its coastline, beaches, mild climate, sports, entertainment and attractions of various kinds. Meanwhile, hotels and other forms of lodging are increasing to meet the growing demands of tourists and guests. Thus, it is more important than ever to ensure that hotel properties are safe and secure.

In a legal sense regarding premises liability, when hotels do not have adequate surveillance or lighting, for instance, this becomes an issue of negligent security. As an example, if a guest is attacked and raped by a stranger in a hotel parking lot, and it is discovered that the lack of security made the individual more susceptible to being attacked, the victim might be eligible to recover compensation under premises liability law.

Hotel owners must take reasonable steps to prevent attacks at their businesses. If you or a loved one have been attacked or raped at a hotel in Charleston or surrounding areas, seek immediate medical attention and notify hotel management. Next, contact the Taylor Anderson Law Firm to ensure that your rights are protected. While you recover, we’ll provide a detailed investigation into your attack, and guide you through the next steps.

Trusted & Effective Representation For Victims Of Hotel Attacks And Rape In South Carolina

Given the sensitive nature of hotel attacks and rape, victims are likely to experience a great deal of emotional distress and fear following their incident. Thus, in the wake of such a personal violation of privacy and safety, the Taylor Anderson Law Firm provides trusted and effective representation for each case.

Premises liability law in South Carolina requires hotels and other commercial property owners to safeguard guests from any physical attack. The following are indicators of an unsecured hotel, making visitors and guests more susceptible to a violent attack:

  • Inadequate lighting
  • Prostitution in or near the hotel
  • Transient population that uses the parking lot as a hangout area (with no intervention from the hotel)
  • Lack of security cameras on the hotel property
  • Lack of on-site security guards surveying the property
  • Hotel clerks that do not monitor or check-in individuals that enter the hotel

If you are someone you love has been attacked or raped at a hotel in Charleston or the surrounding areas, the Taylor Anderson Law Firm is equipped to provide the trusted and effective representation you deserve following such a personal crime. For a free discussion of your claim, contact us today.