Pesticide Injury Lawyer

Pesticides are a useful and necessary part of life. Unfortunately, when improperly applied pesticides can also cause serious illness and death.

People can be exposed to pesticides from various sources. Commercial applicators apply pesticides in homes and businesses. Additionally, people in the agricultural field may be exposed to powerful pesticides as part of their work.

If you or a loved one has been injured or killed due to pesticide exposure, The Taylor Anderson Law Firm can help you evaluate your case.

Pesticide Poisoning and Exposure Injuries

With a range of symptoms and closely related illnesses, pesticide poisoning involves many unknowns. While some individuals experience headaches, dizziness and nausea, others suffer from intestinal issues, yellowed skin or a rapid heartbeat. Similarly, the onset of symptoms may be sudden with uncontrollable muscle spasms, vomiting and convulsions. In other instances, symptoms may resemble that of heat exhaustion or asthma.

Pesticides affect the human body in different ways, depending on which “family” they belong to. For example, some pesticides remain in the body and can damage the lungs, kidneys, liver and abdomen. Respiratory illness is a dominant factor in many cases. In others, fat and muscle tissues are affected, impairing a person’s ability to walk, as well as coordination and their ability to speak or swallow.

The Taylor Anderson Law Firm continues to fight for justice for clients injured as a result of pesticide poisoning and exposure. Taylor understands that the impact on one’s life can be dramatic, with irreversible damage and multiple losses. Thus, if you or a loved one are experiencing the devastating effects of pesticide poisoning, contact the Taylor Anderson Law Firm today for a free review of your claim. You can bet—if negligence is to blame, Taylor is well positioned to pursue justice and the right compensation in your case.