Bicycle Accidents

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As more and more South Carolinians move to dense, urban areas where they can bike to work and other events, there are rising safety problems that are evidenced in crash data. Palmetto Cycling Coalition (PCC) provides detailed reports, including safety statistics and other analytical information. The following counties exhibited the highest bike crash rates (relative to population): Charleston, Horry, Greenville, Beaufort, Berkeley, Spartanburg, Florence, Dorchester, Richland and Sumter.

On November 1, 2018, The Post and Courier referenced the story of Benjamin Fricke, who was struck and killed in Charleston along Septima Clark Parkway. While Fricke’s death led to new signs and signals along the busy freeway, the article claims that the long-standing problem doesn’t seem to be improving. It’s a matter of public safety, and the article suggests treating it as such.

In any case, despite wearing protective gear, cyclists are at an increased risk of suffering a devastating injury or death than those riding in a car. Bicycle accidents can cause severe harm such as a Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), spinal cord injuries and amputation are possible, while fractured bones and facial trauma are likely. There’s no question that a bicycle accident can change the trajectory of a victim’s life.

With regulations in place to ensure that cyclists are safe riders, drivers of motor vehicles also have the responsibility to make sure that they are safe around cyclists. This includes traveling at a reasonable distance in relation to a cyclist. Moreover, it is considered a violation to harass a cyclist by yelling or throwing an object in the direction of an individual riding a bike. Though laws and regulations are in place, however, bicycle accidents continue to occur along South Carolina roadways.

Have You Been Involved In A Bicycle Accident? Seek Medical Treatment First!

If you have been involved in a bicycle accident in South Carolina, your first priority is to seek medical treatment. In many cases, specific symptoms and injuries are not immediately apparent. Once you are medically stable, Attorney Taylor Anderson can provide competent legal advice concerning your next steps. Taylor is a bicycle accident lawyer serving Charleston, West Ashley and James Island, and is passionate about helping clients in their time of need.

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