Were You Injured at a Charleston Tourist Attraction?

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Charleston, South Carolina, is rich in history and culture and is a mecca for tourists. Residents and travelers alike enjoy the sunshine, beaches, plantations, history, food and low-country vibe that is unique to our area: Public beaches Museums Carriage rides Fireworks displays Public concerts Plantations Tours Boating and fishing Shopping Restaurants But when you are… Continue reading

What If I Become Injured on a Commercial Fishing Trip?

woman enjoys fishing on boat sailing in sea with light waves at sunset

If you’re an avid fisherman or enjoy spending time on the water, you might consider taking a commercial fishing trip in the Charleston area. These trips offer an opportunity to experience the thrill of catching fish in open seas and can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience. However, like any other outdoor activity, there are… Continue reading

Elevator-Related Injuries: Steps to Proving Who’s Liable

Crouched Worried Man With Hands On Head In Elevator

Elevators are one of the most common forms of transportation in commercial buildings. They are efficient and can transport a large number of people quickly. However, they also pose a risk to individuals who use them. Elevator accidents can result in severe injuries, including broken bones, head injuries and even death. In such cases, one… Continue reading

What to Know When Filing a Property Damage Claim

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Dealing with property damage to your home or business can be stressful and time-consuming. Your insurance company can make it difficult for you to receive fair compensation for your repair expenses. The company may try to offer you a settlement for less than the amount you could receive or deny your claim unjustly. Here are… Continue reading

What is Considered Nursing Home Negligence in South Carolina?

Care Worker Mistreating Senior Man At Home

As the elderly population in the United States grows, the demand for nursing homes and assisted living facilities also increases. Unfortunately, some facilities do not provide their residents with the necessary care and attention, leading to negligence and abuse. Nursing home negligence is taken seriously in South Carolina, and victims have legal recourse. What Constitutes… Continue reading

Termite Infestation and the Home Buyer

Decayed wood the wooden structure of the building is destroyed by termites

There is so much to think about when moving and the disruptions that evolve from it can be overwhelming. The last thing on your mind is whether the structure of the home that the realtor is trying to sell you or has sold you has a sound structure. Termite Letter or Termite Bond Termite damage… Continue reading

How a Traumatic Brain Injury Can Change Everything

Doctor Looking at X Ray of Brain Injury Charleston SC

Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) change lives forever. They can happen in many ways, such as falling from a ladder, car accidents, sports contact and more. The extent of the TBI may vary, but the road to taking back control of your life isn’t easy. What is a Traumatic Brain Injury? When the brain suffers a… Continue reading

What Rideshare Drivers Should Know About Accidents

Charleston SC Car Accident Lawyer

If you’re one of the estimated 1.7 million rideshare drivers in the United States, you know the gig economy life requires a different kind of navigation than a regular 9 to 5. You’re not a traditional employee, you’re using your personal vehicle to do commercial work and guidelines for active drivers through rideshare apps can… Continue reading

Who is Liable if I Fall Due to an Uneven Sidewalk or Street?

A woman wearing high heel shoes stumbling in a street due to uneven surface.

Efforts by the Federal Highway Administration to make streets safer for pedestrians began in 2004. Nonetheless, pedestrians still get injured or die. Most of these incidents occur after dark and for various reasons. For example, people can easily trip and fall on uneven or cracked pavement and walkways. It can be perilous at night when… Continue reading

Common Factors that Contribute to Motor Collision Injuries

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There are over 140,000 motor vehicle accidents in South Carolina each year. Victims may suffer a range of injuries, from minor cuts and bruises to traumatic brain injuries and paralysis. Unfortunately, fatalities also occur, robbing families across the state of loved ones. There are various factors that can account for the severity of injuries in… Continue reading