Common Factors that Contribute to Motor Collision Injuries

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There are over 140,000 motor vehicle accidents in South Carolina each year. Victims may suffer a range of injuries, from minor cuts and bruises to traumatic brain injuries and paralysis. Unfortunately, fatalities also occur, robbing families across the state of loved ones.

There are various factors that can account for the severity of injuries in a motor vehicle accident. While no two outcomes are ever the same, there are fairly consistent outcomes based on these factors. Drivers should always observe the laws of the road to help keep all motorists and passengers safe while traveling in SC.

Collision Type

The type of collision can heavily influence the likelihood of serious injuries occurring. Head-on collisions are most deadly, leading to a greater number of significant injuries and fatalities. A side-impact collision can also end in tragedy – especially when the impact side of the vehicle is occupied. Rear-end collisions are less likely to result in serious injuries than the other two categories, unless other high risk factors are involved.

Vehicle Types

If you drive a motorcycle into a tank, it is unlikely that the occupants of the latter will suffer serious injuries. The types of vehicles involved in any collision are therefore an important factor. Larger, heavier vehicles cause more damage in an accident. Truck accidents can end in a multi-vehicle collision with a high number of injuries and fatalities.

Vehicle Speed

The speed of vehicles involved in a collision can dramatically increase odds of one or more people suffering injuries. Not only is there greater impact associated with higher speeds, stopping distance and time are also impacted. A 10-mph variation in speed at the point of a collision can mean the difference between life and death.

Vehicle Safety Feature Use

Failure to use a seatbelt can result in significant injuries or deaths. This risk applies to both driver and passengers. Airbags failing to deploy or other vehicle safety feature failures can also increase the risk of suffering serious injuries in a crash.

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