Falls Are a Common Reason for Unexplained Nursing Home Injuries

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Thousands of families in Charleston and the surrounding area entrust the care of our elders to nursing homes. We expect these homes to ensure the well-being of our loved ones, provide medical care and prevent injury. Despite our desire to protect our family members, every year, nursing home residents suffer serious injuries from preventable falls. If your loved one has been injured in a nursing home accident, consider seeking legal representation.

Common Reasons for Nursing Home Falls

Unexplained nursing home injuries can vary from bumps and bruises to severe fractures. Conflicting schedules, difficult working conditions, miscommunications and improper planning can all increase the risk of falls and create the conditions that may make the injuries from falls much more serious.

Here are some of the more common reasons for nursing home falls:

  • Lack of planning. Poor coordination of different departments can cause cluttered hallways and slippery floors, creating the conditions for slips, trips and falls.
  • No fall prevention plan. A facility should have proper resident assessment tools to determine how likely it is a resident could fall. This should include checklists of the necessary fall prevention equipment and comprehensive staff training.
  • Inadequate staffing or equipment. When a situation involves only one nurse watching many residents, it may increase the risk of falls. With no one to answer their calls, it may force residents to get themselves up. A facility that does not use proper bed or chair alarms, bed rails, bed safety bumpers or doesn’t invest in safe surfaces can increase the risk of falls and serious injuries.
  • Poor communication. When a resident has existing health conditions, they may have medication changes. New medication can cause additional side effects, including an increased falling risk. Improper reassessment and recording dramatically increases the risk of injury.

Seek Legal Representation After a Fall

At Taylor Anderson Law Firm, we understand the devastation you and your loved one experience after a nursing home injury. It is important to seek legal representation right away to navigate the complex legal system surrounding elder care facilities. Contact our office today and protect the legal rights of your loved ones.

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