Four Ways that Texting While Driving Can Cause an Accident

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Texting while driving is one of the worst types of distraction and a leading cause of motor vehicle accidents. There isn’t a singular reason that drivers shouldn’t text while operating a car, bus or truck. The process involves multiple actions that could directly result in a collision.

The act of typing a text itself is the biggest distraction for drivers. The average text message takes five seconds to type, which is time that a driver’s eyes are not on the road. Sending longer or multiple messages will result in further distractions and a greater chance of causing an accident.

Cognitive Impact

There is a cognitive impact associated with concentrating on texting. The brain functions used to text are needed for driving and cannot perform both functions at once. When a driver is focused on typing a text or thinking about what to write, paying attention to the road is not possible.

Watching for Replies

If a driver is constantly looking at a cell phone for text replies, there is an accumulation of time spent not concentrating on driving. This is almost an involuntary action in the age of technology where much of casual conversation takes place via messaging platforms.

Texting & Talking

Text messages often lead to drivers picking up a cell phone to make a call while driving. Although not as dangerous, speaking on the phone while driving is still one of the most common causes of motor vehicle accidents in South Carolina and Georgia.

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