Healthcare Provider Miscommunication and Medical Malpractice

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Unfortunately, medical malpractice is more common than you may realize. Malpractice occurs when there is an injury or even death due to the lack of or wrong medical care because of your doctor, hospital or other healthcare providers. At the root of many medical malpractice cases is miscommunication between healthcare providers.

What is Healthcare Provider Miscommunication?

Miscommunication can happen for many reasons, both outside and within the healthcare industry. The most common miscommunication is the lack of communication altogether. However, when information is shared with other healthcare providers, it could be incomplete or incorrect. Even if all the right information is there and is correct, it could still be unclear and misinterpreted by others. A miscommunication that could result in medical malpractice, as well as a breach of confidence, would be information shared with the wrong provider.

How Does This Happen?

The two most common causes of healthcare provider miscommunication are incomplete or incorrect medical records and poor communication between providers and patients. Both of these are failures in healthcare processes. Test results not being ordered or the results being delayed is another example of a healthcare process failure that may result in medical malpractice due to healthcare provider miscommunication.

What Are the Most Common Miscommunications?

Medication errors are one of the most common reasons for medical malpractice. How do medication errors happen? The most common medication error in a hospital setting is the wrong dose being administered. Miscommunication between providers can delay or prevent proper care, but communication problems between providers and patients can be just as damaging to a patient’s health. Inadequate informed consent from a patient is just one example of poor communication with a patient.

Experienced Medical Malpractice Representation

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