How a Traumatic Brain Injury Can Change Everything

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Traumatic brain injuries (TBI) change lives forever. They can happen in many ways, such as falling from a ladder, car accidents, sports contact and more. The extent of the TBI may vary, but the road to taking back control of your life isn’t easy.

What is a Traumatic Brain Injury?

When the brain suffers a blow to the head, even if it only seems to be a bump, severe injury can happen. While there are times when a concussion comes and goes with proper care, a series of concussions may cause bigger problems. If the force is stronger than a concussion, more serious traumatic brain injuries result.

Many people with TBIs can go through rehabilitation, therapy and hard work to regain most of what they lost. However, other times, the TBI is too severe, and the brain remains traumatized for the rest of the person’s life. Either way, it is arduous and expensive for most people and their families to live with the results of a traumatic brain injury. That’s when you need an experienced lawyer who understands a TBI’s lifelong damage and expenses.

What Causes TBIs?

Again, any blow to the head can cause a TBI. Many times, they result from a sheer accident. Other times, they may be due to someone else’s neglect. Due to neglect, TBIs can happen at work, in industrial situations, in medical situations, in car accidents and in domestic or other assaults. When that happens, you need an attorney who will passionately fight for you.

Can Traumatic Brain Injuries be Healed?

Every day people recover from TBIs while others cannot. However, they often result in missed work, training for a new job, ongoing therapy and medical care, either permanently or during the long healing process.

an I Be Compensated for a TBI?

Compensation might be available if the traumatic brain injury was due to an injury or a blow caused by an accident, neglect or intentional harm. You need a personal injury lawyer who understands the depth of loss and expense of traumatic brain injuries.

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