Lack of Sleep and Distracted Driving Accidents

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Most motorists have experienced the challenges of driving while sleep deprived. Feeling tired behind the wheel is not ideal, as the probability of making mistakes is increased. If a weary driver gets into an accident, distracted driving may have played a role.

Lack of sleep can impact perception, concentration, mood and reaction time. These skills are all essential for safe driving. It is also not unusual for tired drivers to become easily distracted in several ways. The combination of these factors can result in a collision with other vehicles.

Distracted Driving

Distracted driving has been an issue since the invention of automobiles. However, the number of potential distractions has significantly increased in recent decades. Talking on a cell phone, texting, chastising children and changing radio stations are just some of potential hazards drivers may encounter.

Due to the fact that sleep deprivation impacts focus, drivers may be more likely to become distracted. If a driver is not giving his or her full attention to the road, they may not see potential hazards until it is too late. Some of the distractions associated with sleepiness include listening to loud music, zoning out while looking at signs and getting lost in thought.

Distracted Driving Can Kill

Unfortunately, distracted driving can lead to accidents where one or more people may die. Falling asleep at the wheel often plays a role in crashes where fatalities occur. This scenario is especially dangerous when the driver in question is in command of a truck or other large vehicle.

Cell phones are extremely problematic as a driving distraction. The temptation to take a call, check notifications or reply to messages is ever present. Tired drivers may use these actions as a way of trying to stay focused. It only takes seconds to miss a hazard or dangerous situation, so any distractions should be avoided.

Accident Lawyer

Sometimes there are telltale signs that a driver may be suffering from lack of sleep. If you suspect that the other driver in your motor vehicle accident was tired or otherwise impaired, an accident lawyer in South Carolina or Georgia can help you build a case.

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