Mechanical Problems that Can Cause a Car Accident

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Cars and other road vehicles are built to an exacting standard in most cases. However, no process is 100% perfect, which means that faults can occur. When it comes to large machines that are designed to travel at high speeds and transport people, these issues should be avoided at all costs.

Vehicles can also experience mechanical faults after going through repairs. A less than attentive or unqualified mechanic can make mistakes. If shoddy workmanship results in a vehicle experiencing issues, it may result in a vehicle accident. Injuries or fatalities suffered in such a collision could lead to legal consequences for responsible individuals or entities.

Steering Problems

Steering is an essential component of any vehicle. If a steering wheel is stiff, overly loose or jams altogether, the driver may lose control of the vehicle. It is also difficult to react effectively to hazards when steering does not respond as expected.

Drivers should have a vehicle checked if steering problems are identified. Mechanics are also responsible for checking this important component when completing repairs. If you have been injured in an accident as the result of faulty steering, contact Taylor Anderson Law Firm today.

Brake Failures

If brake pads are worn down or there are other mechanical issues, a driver may not be able to stop in adequate time. It is also possible for brakes to fail completely, which leaves the driver unable to bring the vehicle to a halt.

Serious injuries can occur when a vehicle that is effectively out of control is involved in a collision. It is never a good idea to ignore the signs of bad brakes, or to perform substandard repairs on this important safety component.

Vehicle Electronics

Modern vehicles rely heavily on electronic components. The various lights on a vehicle provide illumination and indicate your intention to turn. If these lights are not working correctly, accidents are more likely to occur.

Other devices such as engine electronics also play a role in keeping your car operating efficiently and safely. Drivers may see warnings that there are problems with these components on the electronic dashboard. However, in some cases an electrical fault will happen suddenly and result in a breakdown or other issues.

If you have been involved in a car accident due to mechanical faults, contact Taylor Anderson Law Firm today for legal advice.

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