Negligent Care in Nursing Homes: What Are the Signs?

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Are you concerned about the care your loved one is receiving in their nursing home? If you’ve noticed anything that feels “off,” you might not be the only one. Here are some things you should watch for if you suspect someone you know is being neglected in a nursing home.

Newly Developed Mobility Issues
Nursing home residents that aren’t up and moving around, even if they need the assistance of staff to do it, will eventually lose their mobility altogether. Loss of muscle strength and other factors will eventually keep them tied to a bed or wheelchair.

Poor Hygiene
Residents that aren’t physically able to keep up with their personal hygiene or simply need reminders to do it still need staff assistance. Without this help, they could develop other health problems related to cleanliness, such as infections.

Emotional Instability
Nursing home residents who are unhappy or mistreated but don’t have the means to vocalize their concerns, such as those with dementia, will often show psychological signs of distress. These mood changes should never be overlooked.

Fear of Certain Staff
If their mood changes are often directed at just one member of the nursing home staff, it’s even more critical that the issue is brought up with facility management so it can be investigated further. If your loved one is experiencing distress, likely other residents are as well.

Weight Loss
Malnutrition and dehydration are more common than you’d think in nursing homes. Older adults may forget to eat or refuse if not prompted or encouraged. It’s the nursing home’s responsibility to ensure their residents have nutritious food available and to work with them diligently to prevent malnutrition and keep them healthy.

Unexplained Injuries
Injuries are a part of life and can happen at home, as in a nursing home. However, some injuries can be avoided with proper supervision and care. For example, residents who shouldn’t be out of bed on their own should have alarms, alerting staff when they attempt to get up. Nursing homes could be held accountable for preventable injuries resulting from negligence.

Soiled Clothing and Dirty Living Areas
Maintaining a high quality of life includes keeping nursing home residents clean in their clothes and bed. All living areas, like game rooms and dining halls, are sanitary. Unclean living conditions can lead to widespread illness throughout the facility, affecting everyone in the home, including staff.

If you’ve noticed any of the signs listed above or other concerning signs of your loved one being mistreated or neglected in their nursing home, contact the Taylor Anderson Law Firm for a consultation. You’ll receive an assessment of the situation and what options you’ll have moving forward as you consider your loved one’s care and protection.

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