Practice Safety Around Large Vehicles in Charleston, SC

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Roads are like the circulatory system of the American Landscape. Just as your veins ensure that blood travels through your body, the highways and byways of our country get people, goods and services to where they need to be. Accordingly, you should expect to share your route with different kinds of vehicles. It is vitally important to exercise caution around large transports like trucks.

If a car or other small vehicle is in a collision with a truck, the outcome can be catastrophic. Risk of injury or death to driver and passengers is high, and your vehicle is likely to be severely damaged. All drivers should exercise extra caution around large vehicles.

Tips for Safe Traveling Around Large Vehicles

It is important to remember that trucks occupy much more space on the road than the average car. As such, the blind spots for these vehicles are much larger. You may be invisible to the driver up to 20 feet in front of a truck, and up to 30 feet if approaching from behind. Safe practice would involve staying well ahead of any truck and taking care to overtake slowly so that the driver is aware of your actions.

Large vehicles cannot brake or react quickly in case of an emergency, and this is one of the leading causes of truck-related collisions. Changing lanes suddenly, overtaking without giving the truck driver time to react and failing to lower high beams can cause severe crashes. You should always perform driving maneuvers with deliberation around trucks, especially in adverse driving conditions like rain or snow.

Aside from the reactive limitations of a truck or large rig, it is important to remember the human element when driving around large vehicles. Truck drivers are responsible for the operation of a large piece of machinery and typically give their full focus on the road. You can do your part by avoiding distractions while driving, such as putting away cell phones, lowering music and not consuming alcohol before getting behind the wheel.

Regardless of your best efforts to pursue safe driving practices, collisions can still occur. If you or a loved one have experienced injury or damage to property as a result of a traffic crash in the Charleston, South Carolina area, contact Taylor Anderson Law Firm today.

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