Recognizing a Defective or Dangerous Product

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The law is quite clear on defective products. Manufacturers’ and distributors’ responsibility is to make products as safe as possible. This responsibility extends to providing warnings where there is a risk of harm.

Using some products comes with inherent risks. For instance, a chainsaw is a dangerous tool if defective or used incorrectly. For this reason, manufacturers invent safety features and provide suitable warnings. Failure to do so can result in legal action and compensation payouts.

Defective with Intended Use

As with all aspects of law, defining a defective product is complex. If you are using a product as intended, there is an expectation of safety. Therefore, known risk factors must be disclosed by the manufacturer. For example, some products may overheat, which can cause serious burn injuries. If the user has no forewarning of potential injuries, the manufacturer may have failed in their duty of care.

Many products can cause injury, even when they are used as intended. Therefore, it is important to understand whether these injuries resulted from marketing, manufacturer, or design defects. In some instances, products are defined as “unavoidably unsafe,” which means all reasonable guidelines have been met to increase safety without compromising the product’s intended use.

Legal Representation for Defective Product Injuries

You may believe that your injuries occurred due to a defective product. Consulting with an attorney who understands relevant laws is recommended. The manufacturer will not want negative associations linked to their products. It is also worth noting that larger companies, such as corporations, have strong legal representation and insurance coverage. An experienced product injury lawyer can face that representation and fight for you.

As a consumer, you should not feel intimidated when pursuing compensation for injuries. There are product liability laws in place to protect you. In addition, an experienced lawyer can help you determine if and how a manufacturer failed to provide adequate protection. At Taylor Anderson Law Firm, we carefully construct a case based on compelling evidence that supports our clients.

For personalized legal representation, reach out to Taylor Anderson Law Firm today. We are committed to holding manufacturers to account when defective products cause injuries.

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