Parasailing Injuries

For vacationers or beachgoers looking for an adventurous activity or a splendid view from 500 feet in the air, many plan a parasailing trip with operators along the coast, from Savannah to Hilton Head. Yet, in recent years, the popular commercial water sport has resulted in multiple injuries and even death, from towline separation to equipment failure, high-speed water landings and line popping. As such, concerns over parasailing safety and liability have been raised, as there are currently no federal training specifications for operators and/or inspections required.

In some cases, parasail participants are left floating adrift when their towline breaks, while others are not properly secured in a harness. Strong winds are another issue, as they have resulted in unplanned, emergency landings and tragic collisions. Injuries range from whiplash to broken ribs, collapsed lungs and death. In a recent case, a man lost both of his legs following a parasailing accident in Myrtle Beach, S.C.

Have You or a Loved One Been Seriously Injured While Parasailing?

Across the United States, three to five million individuals continue to go parasailing each year. Yet, the popular water sports activity has caused injuries to visitors and tourists, some of which are serious and life-threatening. Now deemed a significant public safety risk, when individuals go parasailing, they are taking a chance.

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