Swimming Pool Injuries

Swimming Pool Injuries Charleston SC

A cool, refreshing swimming pool is ideal in this summertime heat. However, fun at the pool can stop as quickly as it began. It takes a matter of seconds for a swimming pool injury to happen resulting in non-fatal injuries to fatal. Owners of the public swimming pool have the responsibility to maintain the pool area and warn against potential risks. Even though public swimming pools are heavily regulated, they could still be held liable for injuries if proven they violated the rules set forth by the state. A pool is considered part of the property where it is located and premises liability rules may apply in a swimming pool lawsuit.

Premises liability is where the property owner has the responsibility to ensure a relatively safe environment where people will not be injured. If you need assistance navigating the legalities surrounding a swimming pool injury, contact Taylor Anderson Law Firm in Charleston.

Types of swimming pool injuries could include:

  • Slip and Fall Injuries: These injuries are caused by dangerous conditions like slippery surfaces with no signs posted.
  • Submersion Injuries: Near-drowning accidents could result in long-term disabilities both mentally and physically.
  • Diving Board or Pool Slide Injuries: Faulty equipment could cause injuries if the equipment is not properly maintained.
  • Drain Injuries: A swimming pool drain cover that is not properly secured could cause serious injury or death.
  • Electrocution: Electrical defects in pool equipment could cause devastating injuries to fatalities.

Expert Swimming Pool Injury Lawyer in Charleston

Swimming pool injuries could bring about several legal issues like negligence, premises liability, and product liability. There is also a certain amount of time that an injured party has the right to take legal action. Seeking advice from a swimming pool injury lawyer is important if you believe you are owed compensation to cover lost wages, medical bills, and rehabilitation. If you feel you have endured a swimming pool injury and want to know your rights, call Taylor Anderson at The Taylor Anderson Law Firm in Charleston and surrounding areas for a consultation today.

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