Texting and Driving is Always a Distraction

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Texting and driving is an incredibly dangerous habit that contributes to a large percentage of motor vehicle accidents in Georgia and across the United States. Looking at a cell phone for even five seconds is an enough time to miss hazards. While a driver is focused on reading or replying to a text, the cognitive processes involved are not being used to concentrate on the road.

When a driver is texting and driving, the hands and brain are performing functions that should be reserved for safe and effective driving. If you have been involved in an accident with a driver who was texting and driving, you will know that avoiding an accident requires your full attention. If you, as a conscientious driver, were not able to avoid the collision, what hope was there for the offending driver?

Concentration & Driving

Every driver should understand that concentration is vitally important when it comes to avoiding motor vehicle accidents. If a driver is distracted by texting and driving, the chances of a collision are significantly increased. However, a driver does not necessarily have to be actively texting and driving to get into an accident. The distraction of glancing at a phone or thinking about a text is enough to break a driver’s concentration.

A driver should endeavor to ensure that he or she is completely focused on the road and other vehicles. If the driver is thinking about the last text sent or received, it creates a break in attention that could lead to a collision with potentially serious or even fatal consequences. As the victim of an accident involving texting and driving, you deserve compensation for any injuries or damage to property.

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