When You’ve Been Burned


Surprising to some, over one million burn injuries are reported annually across the United States, and these injuries are about more than simply touching a hot pan. When you’ve been burned, and your injury is due to another’s carelessness, you need the help and experience of a qualified burn injury lawyer.

Burn injuries are classified in types. For instance, a chemical burn is sustained when substances containing acid come into contact with skin. This type of burn requires immediate medical attention, as chemicals continue to damage skin even after initial contact. On the other hand, an electrical burn may not produce any symptoms right away. Unfortunately, this leads some to forego seeking immediate medical care. Yet, it’s important to do so, as damage from electrical burns is not immediately apparent. Though rare, radiological burns result from exposure to radiation, requiring treatment through decontamination.

Perhaps most common, thermal burns occur when a hot liquid, flame or explosion damages the skin. Early medical attention is critical to protecting skin and other organs from further damage.

While burn injuries can certainly be the result of a terrible accident, there are instances where one’s injuries are due to the negligence or reckless behavior of someone else. Because burns can produce overwhelming injuries, not to mention emotional and psychological damages, it is imperative to seek legal guidance when you’ve sustained a burn injury that could have been prevented.

Diligent And Effective Representation For Your Burn Injury

The Taylor Anderson Law Firm maintains a reputation for providing diligent and effective representation for victims of burn injuries in Charleston, West Ashley and James Island areas. Not only does Taylor Anderson understand the enormous burden placed on victims and families with these types of injuries, he knows that there is a risk of developing other medical problems as a result. Thus, if you’ve been burned, and you suspect that your injury is a result of negligence, contact the Taylor Anderson Law Firm for a free review of your injury and help with your claim.

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