Who is Responsible for My Injuries?

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When you are involved in an accident, it is easy to accredit blame to the person who seems like the obvious cause of harm. When it comes to law, things are not so cut and dry. Even if you had a collision with the driver of a single vehicle, there is still the potential for other parties holding some percentage of the liability.

The law is complex and making assumptions about blame may not work in your favor. There are countless scenarios where fault may lie with either an individual or multiple parties. Sorting through the myriad of challenges can become stressful and costly.

At-Fault Driver

An at-fault driver may describe the operator of another vehicle who acted recklessly, or otherwise took actions that resulted in harm. However, it is entirely possible that another individual or party holds some responsibility in your accident. For instance, a load shed by a trailer is not necessarily the fault of the driver. Another party may hold responsibility for ensuring that the cargo was safely secured during transit.

Another example of where liability is not clear involves accidents that happen on a particular type of property. You may struggle to determine whether an individual, private entity or government organization is liable for any harm suffered on their premises. These are just some of the challenges that claimants are likely to face when pursuing compensation after an accident.

Taylor Anderson Law Firm

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