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Charleston SC Wood Rot on Home Lawsuits

While the coastal region of the Palmetto state is filled with ideal locations to visit and perhaps live, the low-lying areas make mold and wood rot a growing concern. Unfortunately, mold and wood rot thrive in dark places containing unseasoned lumbar and a high level of moisture.

In crawl spaces, for instance, vents are often left open, allowing the warm summer air to filter through. However, as the air cools and loses its ability to hold moisture, the moisture rests on the surfaces of the space in the form of condensation. With time, the wood becomes saturated and mold begins to develop. Even in cases of dry rot, it’s important to understand that a source of water is needed. In this instance, the water source could be from a downspout or poorly designed grading, flooding or through a leak.

With this in mind, it’s clear that in order to “digest wood,” mold spores need a certain amount of water and relatively high humidity. These spores are located everywhere, and can certainly invade and disrupt the structural integrity of a home without being immediately noticed.

Has A Previous Homeowner or Contractor Failed to Communicate Evidence of Wood Rot?

Imagine that a previous homeowner or contractor has failed to communicate evidence of wood rot in a home. This results in expensive and stressful repairs for current homeowners, not to mention lots of frustration. When wood rot has remained undisclosed, Attorney Taylor Anderson can help.

In these cases, there are a number of key people that could be to blame, as they likely spent a considerable amount of time in the home. From builders and contractors to developers, painters, product manufacturers and previous homeowners, one may question if the wood rot damage was swept under the rug to avoid taking responsibility. If so, could negligence be to blame?

Attorney Taylor Anderson works meticulously when it comes to investigating the details of wood rot claims. As a prominent attorney based in Charleston, Taylor understands the high cost of property damages associated with wood rot, and he has devoted a large portion of his practice to helping families find resolution. For a free evaluation of your claim, contact the Taylor Anderson Law Firm today.

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